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April 2013

26. 4. Rose is pregnant

Another good news after the week! Ultrasound confirmed Rose's pregnancy too. Puppies are expected at kennel Emiel Regis at the beggining of June. More info: Emiel Regis. First photo Kofi's and Rose's puppies below. 

19. 4. Cecilka is pregnant

Ultrasound confirmed Cecilka's pregnancy. We are happy. Kofi's second progeny are expected at the end of March. More info HERE.

4. 4. KCHBC's competition for year 2012

Kofik: Czech Club Champion, Czech Club Junior Champion, CZ Top beardie - 3rd place
Najby: CZ Top Beardie - 8th place
Both boys will be awarded by special price for 3 times excellent at 3 club shows. 

1. 4. Mating - Dol Blathanna Emiel Regis

Kofik had visit from kennel Emiel Regis - beautiful dark black girl Rose. We hope that Kofik will be daddy of litter "H" Emiel Regis

28. 3. - 1. 4. Eastern Agility Weekend in Cebin

We spent Eastern by agility trainings in Cebin. Weather wasn't good - show snow snow... But we really enjoyed it! We are looking forward to our next stay in Cebin in June... Hope will be better weather!

March 2013

30. 3. CACIB České Budějovice

Najby first time in veteran class...

 Gabriela Ridarčíková (SK)

Najby - veteran class: Ex 1

26. 3. Mating - Ch. Cecilka Chlupatý Hopan

Kofik has visit today. We hope that Cecilka will be mother after 2 months...

3. 3. Birthday

Kofik and Najby have Birthday! Kofik is today 2 years old and Najby will be tomorrow 8 years old. Happy Birthday boys!

February 2013

4. 2. Agility

January 2012

23. 1. Winter photos

Our boys are enjoying new snow.  PHOTOGALLERY.

13. 1. CACIB Nürnberg (D)

judge: Geraldine Mulroney (IE)

Kofík - intermediate class: Ex 3
Najby - champion class: Ex 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

12. 1. CAC BCCD Nürnberg (D)

 Hans-Joachim Dux (D)

Kofík - intermediate class: Ex 1, CAC, BOB

5. 1. National Show Brno

 M. Krinke (CZ)

Kofík - intermediate class: Ex 1, CAC - finished CZ Champion

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